Saturday, March 5, 2011

If you’re happy and you know it...

It’s funny how one’s version of happiness changes with age. Of course, there are the big things too, like good health, good weather, a thriving family, and peace. But we learn, after decades, that it’s the little things that make us smile. At the risk of sounding like a soppy greeting card, happiness is—

• The ability to zip up and snap closed your jeans, even after a turkey burger with fries (hold the mayo), and without wincing.

• The proximity of a clean women’s restroom, no matter where you are.

• A retired husband who cooks—and is good at it.

• Grandchildren whose faces still light up when you come over (even if it’s really in anticipation of whatever little gift you brought this time).

• Nothing at all to do, but just for a little while, long enough to relax but not so long that ennui sets in.

• Lunch out with old friends—who look across the table at you and still see the young woman you were.

• Dinner out with old or new friends. Evening lighting in a restaurant is flattering, especially when candlelight is involved.

• Breakfast out anywhere, anytime, with almost anybody. Walker Brothers, anyone?

• Having friends and acquaintances comment to me after reading these posts. (Good comments, so far, but you never know…)

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