Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The calm (and joy) before the storm

I haven’t had much to complain about lately (knock wood and pooh, pooh)—except the end of summer and inevitable coming of winter. And I’ve even experienced an exhilarating Labor Day weekend (despite thinking about the fact that the days are getting shorter, the leaves will be falling off the trees, rain will become snow, and….). But back to the present and my high-serotonin weekend:

On Saturday, we celebrated my son-in-law’s birthday, which meant I was able to spend some time with him and my daughter and, of course, my 6-year-old grandsons. I love them more than I can describe, but after a few hours of ear-splitting shrieks and their usual shenanigans, I was ready to retreat. But it was a good visit, and I was smiling on the way out.

On Sunday morning, we met with a beloved high school friend and her husband, who were in town for a wedding. Not only did we get to spend a few hours with this delightful couple, we also walked around Millennium Park—my first time there, embarrassing as it is to admit.

We had tickets to Million Dollar Quartet for Sunday afternoon. I was prepared to like it because of the nostalgic music and the great reviews I’d read. Like it? It was amazing. The intimate theater rocked with some of the best singing, playing, and acting I’ve experienced in a long time. I’d go to see it again, but given the hundreds of shows I haven’t yet been to, it would be impractical—and expensive.

On Monday, we enjoyed barbecued steakburgers on the deck of our dear friends in Lincoln Park. An eating frenzy was followed by a walk around the beautiful neighborhood and satisfying gossip.

The weather cooperated for the whole weekend, so everything we did outside was doubly enjoyable. How lucky am I to have had such a full and joyful Labor Day holiday! I’m truly grateful.

And now I can go back to whining about something-or-other, as soon as the glow wears off.