Monday, October 25, 2010

Does this Boggle app make me look fat?

Sure, I know an online Boggle game can't make me look itself. But I contend that this addictive pastime is helping to make me fat. I can't place all the blame on this simple electronic addiction. I'm eating more and exercising less—except for the three days last week I did the one-mile Leslie Sansone workout. After three days, since it hadn't become habit yet, I slacked off.

It all started when I saw my husband playing Boggle on his iTouch. I found the Boggle game on the Web and played many games. I wasn't thrilled with having to use the keyboard to type the words (especially when I got a zero on one game because my fingers were on the wrong keys). So, whenever I could, I usurped my spouse's iTouch and played the touch-screen version...and played and played. I gave up the little device when he wanted to use it, and I was always considerate enough to charge it after I had practically worn the battery down.

Then I got an iPad. No surprise, the first app I bought was Boggle. Not only did I have the beloved game on a device of my own, I had one with a much larger screen! I downloaded other apps too—like Solitaire, and even a writing program—but after reading my e-mails and scanning Facebook to see what my daughters and grandsons are doing, I always go back to Boggle.

I know it's not bad to play games (it helps you relax and reduces stress) and word games are good for keeping the mind sharp, but I also know I've stretched the limit. There are times I should be moving about, doing laundry, taking a walk, cleaning the counter. Or if I'm going to be sedentary for a while anyway, I should be writing. But it's hard for me to break away. It's not uncommon to hear me muttering, "One more game. Just one more game."

So, if I've gained a few pounds and am having trouble zipping up my jeans, I can blame Boggle—and second helpings of just about everything. But it's not so bad. I can stop any time I want to. As soon as I break my 84 point personal best.