Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii shall overcome…laziness

I’ll do anything to avoid actually working out. We are now the proud owners of a Wii system. The first night of ownership, we bowled (I was lousy at it, but at least I stayed out of the gutter), played a set of tennis (also lousy, but my husband wasn’t much better), and sampled baseball (I have an eye-hand coordination problem). But it was fun. We’ve yet to try boxing and golf, but they’re on the agenda for the next time we Wii. I’m not keen on boxing—or golf. I’m setting that up right now as an excuse if I embarrass myself when we do this.

I sampled this system at a friend’s house last summer and loved it. It seemed like an indulgence in a weak economy, but lately I’ve been avoiding the gym since I broke my little toe, so I rationalized it as a good way to get some exercise in. Next purchase? The Wii Fit system for more targeted exercise.

Now we just have to reprogram our lives to fit some serious Wii-ing in each day instead of collapsing in front of “Dateline” (mostly me) or “NCIS” reruns (always him).