Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A glimpse of my youth—dermatologically speaking

Shouldn't being sixty-something be too old to get pimples? (Even saying "pimples" instead of "zits" should prove that I'm too old for this new affront.)

I'm not talking about a whole face full of those ugly, angry bumps. Just a few...but one is right over my eyebrow, and not the side that is normally covered by bangs.

I'm resorting to past cures, like cortisone cream, to speed up the healing process, but this eyebrow job seems to be getting redder and bigger. Thank goodness for a concealer that I can spackle on and then reapply after I forget and absent-mindedly rub the itch—and dislodge the cover-up.

I'm not too concerned about this new development because I practically have my dermatologist on retainer. Most of my visits with her end with me purchasing pricey age-defying creams. But occasionally I ask her to pop out a whitehead or remove a scaly patch. I’ll ask for help at my next visit if this reminder of my teen years is still there.

Update: Cortisone works. The red blotch is smaller and not so itchy anymore. Thank goodness. The thing started to bring back vivid memories of the late 50s. Some of it was fun, but…