Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wii again

Earlier this year, I wrote about getting a Wii and actually enjoying bowling and other sports that I’m awful at. Nevertheless, it was fun to try, and I vowed to practice. But since March, I hadn’t even looked at the Wii, much less used it. My husband was one up on me: He played with it again about a week or two later. And that was it.

Then my daughter and her husband got a Wii, and after feeling sheepish about not setting it up after several months, they got it going. When I visited my twin grandsons this week, they exuberantly dragged me downstairs to go bowling with them.

We bowled five games, and I’m still pretty lousy at it, but it was great fun. The fact that my 6-year-old grandsons beat me didn’t matter at all. Here was an activity that we were all enjoying and having a wonderful time doing together. (The fact that one of them turns out to be a gloating winner and a sore loser was a little troublesome...During the last game I worried about what would happen if I won.)

Later in the week, my enthusiasm for the Wii and the bowling game hadn’t waned. That’s why my husband and I bowled a couple of games after dinner on our Wii last night. Of course, he beat me. But I was pleased that we were again using our indulgent purchase—and doing something other than watching TV. We hope to keep it up. As long as Grandma doesn’t become such a good bowler she causes a tot meltdown. (I’m dreaming, aren’t I?)