Saturday, August 21, 2010

A bit of Southern (California) charm

If I've complained about the lack of good service these days (sounding like a typical old codger), I just found a place where good manners and friendliness still rules. Granted, it's just a hotel restaurant--with prices only an expense account could love--but it counts.

The hotel is a Hyatt, and if Hyatt trains it's waiters, kudos to them. As soon as I picked up the little jar of orange marmalade and grimaced slightly as I tried to twist it open, the waiter came over and offered to do it. This happened twice, with two different waiters (and I like orange marmalade). As I was dining alone both times, the waiters chatted with me in a welcoming, non-obtrusive way. Service was quick--but not too quick--efficient, and accommodating.

No, I'm not writing a restaurant review here. I just wanted to describe the pleasant mood I was in after my experiences with the friendliest waitstaff, hosts, and busboys, even the one who addressed me as "Madam."