Friday, May 13, 2011

Selective memory

Why is it that I can't remember a lot of details about the past, but utter trivia will come back to me clearly?

For example, when I'm in the gym locker room getting ready to work out, as soon as I start to put on my sneakers and socks, a scene from "All in the Family" plays in my head.

Archie and Meathead are in Archie's living room arguing about whether it makes more sense to put on both socks, then both shoes, or to put on a sock and a shoe followed by the other sock and shoe. I think Meathead's opinion was that it's better to put both socks on first. If the house is suddenly on fire, wouldn't it be easier to run out if one has on a complete pair of something?

I think of this every time I put on those shoes.

Just don't ask me anything of importance.

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