Sunday, November 1, 2009

I see a bright light ...

It has now been a couple of weeks since I’ve had my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lamp. I wish I could say definitively that it has improved my attitude toward the upcoming winter, but it’s too soon to tell. But since I’m writing this on the evening after we’ve changed the clocks back to standard time (in my opinion, the worst day of the year), I can report that I’m not in a terrible mood. It’s only 5:42 p.m. and pitch black outside, but I’m not feeling blue. In fact, I’m looking forward to watching “60 Minutes” and putting a Newman’s pepperoni pizza in the oven—to eat with a healthy green salad, of course.

I turn the bright light on every morning just before I eat my breakfast. I’ve had to change my seat at the table so that the lamp can be plugged in close to me, and to avoid having the cord stretch across my husband’s seat, potentially strangling him. (That would not be a good start at averting sadness.)

What I’ve loved about the lamp from the beginning is that the light it provides is so much better for my cataract-impaired good eye than the three cloudy pendants that hang over the table. After my half-hour dose, and I turn it off, I’m startled at how dark the table area is without it.

This is not yet a solid enough test of SAD therapy, so I promise to report on it again from time to time. The real test begins when I have to leave work in the dark on Tuesday afternoon. We’ll see if I’m still smiling then.


  1. LOL at the line about strangling your husband. Yes, that would be sad indeed. I think, though, your need a portable, battery operated lamp for your car. You obviously can't use it while driving, but you can sit in the lot for a few minutes and have it cheer you up before you hit the road.

  2. Let me get this straight: If the cord stretches across your husband's seat it will strangle him? Either he has the smallest ass on earth or it is a very long lamp cord.

  3. I will muster my infinite patience and explain. As you should know, the cord is not long enough to stretch over the seat, so it would have to stretch across the top of the table. Thus, strangulation. But that was never an option, even after reading this post.