Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beauty, where art thou?

It's a lose-lose situation: I use a lighted magnifying mirror because I need one. I'm still nearsighted (although getting more farsighted each year), and the mirror over my bathroom sink is too far away to allow me to put on eyeliner that actually lands at the top of my lashes. But peering into such a magnified view of my face, I discover daily atrocities. For example--and as long as I'm on the subject of eyelashes, where did my long, curly, thick lashes go? When did they get so thin and uninteresting?

And I can't seem to find my lips anywhere. Yes, they're still there, sort of, beneath my nostrils. But they're so...undefined. They're just there, looking neither lucious nor youthful. (Well, what did I expect at this age?)

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